How You Make Them Feel

“I love you?” He asked.  “I guess not.”  He was respected by many. I found him manipulative.  He was the kind of bosses who would go full-on “Maya Angelou” and preach, “It’s how you make people feel!” Yet somehow, I would always feel good after chatting with him, after being in meetings with him, even… Continue reading How You Make Them Feel

Reframing Touchy Feely Emotions

Let’s continue our journey to explore the dark arts of #reframing. Let’s approach today’s dysfunctional thought a little differently. In addition to rational alternative perspectives, we can always tap into the feeling side of our brain’s sense-making mechanism. In fact, often times, this permission to allow ourselves to “let it (our thinking mind) go” is… Continue reading Reframing Touchy Feely Emotions

Why I Love My Coaching Work

The thing I love the most in my coaching work is to figure out ways to turn theories into practices and make them work for real people: * How can leadership feel less like Hallmark cards and more like LEGO instructions booklets?* How can we make “start with why” less vague and more concrete?* Can… Continue reading Why I Love My Coaching Work