The Discipline of 1-on-1s

Here is a hack that improved my approachability (as a boss) 🤨 “Monthly 30 minutes 1-on-1s with every one of your direct reports” During these 1-on-1s, talk about these 3 things: What each other did this last month What’s important to them this upcoming month and anything they need to accomplish them? “Here is something… Continue reading The Discipline of 1-on-1s

How You Make Them Feel

“I love you?” He asked.  “I guess not.”  He was respected by many. I found him manipulative.  He was the kind of bosses who would go full-on “Maya Angelou” and preach, “It’s how you make people feel!” Yet somehow, I would always feel good after chatting with him, after being in meetings with him, even… Continue reading How You Make Them Feel

To Unearth Your Team’s Ideas? Try The Steelman Technique

Often my Western colleagues would complain, “the team here can’t interview!” “No it’s not the language. They simply don’t think clearly!” They elaborated. The conformist (or Asian-ness?) in us has a lot to do with this. We conform. We listen to directions. We understand that we don’t always need to understand everything. We accept that… Continue reading To Unearth Your Team’s Ideas? Try The Steelman Technique

You Suck At Giving Feedback

Do you know what it is like to receive harsh critical feedback? You know, those gut-wrenching/ego-shattering criticisms that humiliate and expose you? If you don’t know what that’s like, you are probably not good at giving feedback. “He said my presentation sucked. It lacked passion. The structure was poor. I lost the crowd. I considered… Continue reading You Suck At Giving Feedback

5 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Teams Christmas gifts🎄

1st, giving good gifts is one hell of an exercise to up your leadership game. Or love game. Or parenting game. (hey don’t hate the player. Just trying’ to make this LinkedIn-proper) 2nd, coming up with the right gifts works the brain. What does Eric like? Does Sharon have this cookbook already? Sophia hates my… Continue reading 5 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Teams Christmas gifts🎄

Leading the New Normal

In 2009, the company I worked for went through a re-organization and laid off a bunch of folks. The news of a massive downsizing was announced, and before the big bosses figured out how to translate the numbers into actual humans, we had to show up everyday to work, attend meetings, schmooze at the water… Continue reading Leading the New Normal

Why I Love My Coaching Work

The thing I love the most in my coaching work is to figure out ways to turn theories into practices and make them work for real people: * How can leadership feel less like Hallmark cards and more like LEGO instructions booklets?* How can we make “start with why” less vague and more concrete?* Can… Continue reading Why I Love My Coaching Work