Run Agile Meetings

So much has been written about meetings.  There is 1 goal from having meetings – reduce confusion.  Yea, some calls it alignment or whatever but I prefer the word confusion. It is precise. Specifically, confusion stems from these questions:DOES EVERYONE KNOW…  – What the goals are?– Why the goals are the way they are? –… Continue reading Run Agile Meetings

Act 3: GSDers, Assemble!

We were in Xiamen, and one of us was thrown into jail. We were hosting a 6-day tradeshow (voluntary confinement)inside a convention center where hundreds of clients checked out new sneakers and sportswear. Some of us got into a scuffle with a client. Cops were called, and they let the customer go. Our team was… Continue reading Act 3: GSDers, Assemble!

Act 2: The Sith Lords of GSDers

If Hank from Act 1 was the ultimate cheer leader Kate had to be the Sith Lord of party poopers. Kate couldn’t get any group going. She just could not get herself to see the bright side of anything. She probably discovered the real identity of Santa at age 1.5. She was cynical about everything,… Continue reading Act 2: The Sith Lords of GSDers