A Director Dragged Me Out Of The Room

We were setting up the quarterly trade show, where hundreds of buyers would come and review the newest sneakers and apparel. We rented a convention centre, littered the rooms with life size posters of Marion Jones and Roger Federer running, swinging. Sneakers were displayed on beige panels. Mannequins that had 6 pack abs wore tight… Continue reading A Director Dragged Me Out Of The Room

Our Choices In The Corporate Rat Race

“Where do you want to be in 5 years?” Could I answer “I don’t want to be in management, because I prefer spending all my time researching and supporting, instead of leading?” (#truestory) Not really. If I said that, it would be an uphill battle to convince my boss to invest in me, to vouch… Continue reading Our Choices In The Corporate Rat Race

Push You Over The Edge

“I will push you over the edge and watch you fall. I will be there until you no longer fall. Then I will push you over the next edge.” This should be in the “contract” between the boss and the staff. You can call the edge whatever you want:Comfort zoneThresholdMarginLimit As long as the contract… Continue reading Push You Over The Edge

Thrown Into Leading

Here is the problem with our paths to leadership. We were thrown into it. Yesterday you were the most creative marketing specialist. Today you need to herd marketing specialists; Yesterday you were the star programmer. Today you are a PM. When I became a manager I didn’t exactly know what good looked like. I did… Continue reading Thrown Into Leading

Progress is Not Enough

Which route are you on? Many say we should focus on the process and enjoy the progress, instead of just the results. Better everyday. Continuous improvement. #bossbetter I say this is insufficient. My daughter surely enjoys the process of practicing her violin. She has been making progress too. She has been sounding crap for a… Continue reading Progress is Not Enough