What Skills Are You Working On?

Can you name what you are actually working on? Most of us can’t, especially when it comes to work skills. Here are 3 skills you may consider putting time into: sell tell stories herd genius We are all Sales:In life, you are constantly selling. You can break “selling” into sub-skills, such as negotiation, influencing, empathetic… Continue reading What Skills Are You Working On?

Interview Questions Recruiters Never Told Me

Academics and recruiters talk a lot about hiring & interviewing. But interviewing in the real world is quite different.  I wish they warned me of these interview questions that made me cry: 1. “What were the names of the people you have met before this interview?”I was in my last round and this was the… Continue reading Interview Questions Recruiters Never Told Me

Filters on Hiring

Inevitably, all my clients and I converge on one topic. Hiring. Because hiring is hard. It’s such a crapshoot. 🎲 In addition to traditional questions, there are filters that my clients resonate with well. These questions improve: – How we interview candidates – Alignment on candidates assessment – onboarding experience Filter 1: “When you are… Continue reading Filters on Hiring