You Suck At Giving Feedback

Do you know what it is like to receive harsh critical feedback? You know, those gut-wrenching/ego-shattering criticisms that humiliate and expose you? If you don’t know what that’s like, you are probably not good at giving feedback. “He said my presentation sucked. It lacked passion. The structure was poor. I lost the crowd. I considered… Continue reading You Suck At Giving Feedback

Why You Should Fake Humility

We want to appear humble because it is a sparkly clean and “LinkedIn appropriate” virtue. If Commodus in “The Gladiator” was humble, his apathetic Dad Marcus Aurelius would have approved him, and no one had to suffer the pillow of death. Yet humility is hard. It is an alchemy of honesty, curiosity, and courage- some… Continue reading Why You Should Fake Humility