Run Agile Meetings

So much has been written about meetings.  There is 1 goal from having meetings – reduce confusion.  Yea, some calls it alignment or whatever but I prefer the word confusion. It is precise. Specifically, confusion stems from these questions:DOES EVERYONE KNOW…  – What the goals are?– Why the goals are the way they are? –… Continue reading Run Agile Meetings

Thrown Into Leading

Here is the problem with our paths to leadership. We were thrown into it. Yesterday you were the most creative marketing specialist. Today you need to herd marketing specialists; Yesterday you were the star programmer. Today you are a PM. When I became a manager I didn’t exactly know what good looked like. I did… Continue reading Thrown Into Leading

A Simple 2×2 Grid To Manage Performance

A simple 2×2 Grid that transforms you into a better staff / boss:  Both sides fill the boxes out:✍🏻What do you expect from yourself? 📝What do you expect from your boss/staff? Then, go through these 3 steps:❶ Where are the gaps?❷ Which gaps can be narrowed by re-aligning expectations?❸ Which gaps can be narrowed by adjusting… Continue reading A Simple 2×2 Grid To Manage Performance

Investigate Great Outcomes

Wrapping up on #reframing, I want to look at using self talks as guard rails- guard rails that prevent us from falling when things are going well. When outcomes are bad, we are more receptive to learning and reflecting. We investigate and look into what caused the outcomes: Is it the quality of our decisions?… Continue reading Investigate Great Outcomes

Name, Point, Slow Down

When someone tells you something, do you tend to answer “I know”? Or do you say “I understand” “Ah ha!” “Oh I see”?What about “yes, but”? Or are you more the “yes, and” type? When you notice your instinctive responses, and when you force yourself to act differently from them, you are punctuating your own… Continue reading Name, Point, Slow Down