Worst Rating: “Meet Expectations”

I lived through multiple recessions: During the dot-com bubble in the late 90s, I was fired and remained jobless for months. Then during the late 2000s financial crisis, it was my turn to fire people and throw them into the abyss of joblessness. All these experiences taught me a lot about being an employee and… Continue reading Worst Rating: “Meet Expectations”

The Flywheel of Intrinsic Performance

Dear founders, business owner, bosses, To max out the potential of your team, apply the “Flywheel Effect” in your people. This concept is developed in the book “Good to Great.”  A flywheel is a heavy revolving wheel used in large machines. It is difficult to push from a standstill, but once it starts spinning it… Continue reading The Flywheel of Intrinsic Performance

What I Learned from Negotiating Performance with Employees

It took me a long time before I fully accepted that performance intervention was a negotiation between my employees and I. After all, performance review is for both sides to agree on: How we understand the expectationsHow we assess the performanceWhat to do about it There were two books on negotiation that everyone pointed me… Continue reading What I Learned from Negotiating Performance with Employees

A Simple 2×2 Grid To Manage Performance

A simple 2×2 Grid that transforms you into a better staff / boss:  Both sides fill the boxes out:✍🏻What do you expect from yourself? 📝What do you expect from your boss/staff? Then, go through these 3 steps:❶ Where are the gaps?❷ Which gaps can be narrowed by re-aligning expectations?❸ Which gaps can be narrowed by adjusting… Continue reading A Simple 2×2 Grid To Manage Performance

Can I Coach Losers?

I love what I do because I get to have invigorating conversations with my clients. But this is a looming threat. I don’t think I am growing. My clients self-select. These are folks who understand the value of coaching. They are people who are willing to pay to get yelled at … They are committed… Continue reading Can I Coach Losers?

Investigate Great Outcomes

Wrapping up on #reframing, I want to look at using self talks as guard rails- guard rails that prevent us from falling when things are going well. When outcomes are bad, we are more receptive to learning and reflecting. We investigate and look into what caused the outcomes: Is it the quality of our decisions?… Continue reading Investigate Great Outcomes