Techniques to Asking Useful Questions

Which leads to better communication? Hacking our listening or questioning skills? The latter. Wait, what? “Creativity is problem formulation.” Murray Gell-Mann. Let’s think about it. Useful questions come from clear listening, empathy, the alchemy of analysing and intuiting, self control, patience, curiosity … Practice asking questions is a ultimate compound exercise. It trains a bunch… Continue reading Techniques to Asking Useful Questions

3 Steps Of Not Knowing

Growth mindset, beginner’s mind: we are all familiar with these. Their esoteric cousin, “Not knowing is most intimate,” have been preached by sages for centuries. Countless books on this topic got onto Best Seller lists as we yearn for more hacks. I love trying to make sense of this kind of stuff. Let’s get into… Continue reading 3 Steps Of Not Knowing