Investigate Great Outcomes

Wrapping up on #reframing, I want to look at using self talks as guard rails- guard rails that prevent us from falling when things are going well. When outcomes are bad, we are more receptive to learning and reflecting. We investigate and look into what caused the outcomes: Is it the quality of our decisions?… Continue reading Investigate Great Outcomes

Reframing Touchy Feely Emotions

Let’s continue our journey to explore the dark arts of #reframing. Let’s approach today’s dysfunctional thought a little differently. In addition to rational alternative perspectives, we can always tap into the feeling side of our brain’s sense-making mechanism. In fact, often times, this permission to allow ourselves to “let it (our thinking mind) go” is… Continue reading Reframing Touchy Feely Emotions

Reframing Slow and Fast

Yesterday I tried to convince y’all why #reframing is a useful practice to improving our mindset. Today, let’s look at an example. “I am too slow.” REFRAME:“Slow is smooth; Smooth is fast.” Think chopping vegetables. You start off chopping slowly. You figure out where to place your fingers. You observe how your hand moves with… Continue reading Reframing Slow and Fast