Run Agile Meetings

So much has been written about meetings.  There is 1 goal from having meetings – reduce confusion.  Yea, some calls it alignment or whatever but I prefer the word confusion. It is precise. Specifically, confusion stems from these questions:DOES EVERYONE KNOW…  – What the goals are?– Why the goals are the way they are? –… Continue reading Run Agile Meetings

Why You Should Sell Over-prized iPhone Cases

One of the more difficult things to convince the team to sell was official Apple iPhone cases.  They were well crafted, did great in drop tests, but were 4-5 times more expensive than other cases in the market.  Apart from selling to fan people, or telling customers “these are made by Apple and have the… Continue reading Why You Should Sell Over-prized iPhone Cases

Handwriting and Leadership

Most people’s handwriting show that doing something mindlessly, a million times over, does not yield improvement unless you actively try to improve. So what makes us think that we can improve the way we lead just by leading mindlessly a million times over? Leadership is a set of specific techniques that can be mastered through… Continue reading Handwriting and Leadership

Practice Curiosity

I have met curious folks that remained merely curious. I have met boring folks that were extremely skilled at being curious. Some say, creativity is more than just being curious. It is the capacity to be puzzled and annoyed. It is the ability to probe and ask useful questions. It is the doggedness of staying… Continue reading Practice Curiosity

A Fish Spatula

This is a fish spatula. It does one job really well – turn fish. The feeling of flipping a piece of fatty salmon on a grill flawlessly is magical. I often wonder who on earth decided to create this thing? Someone had to grill a ton of fish, got extremely annoyed, and decided to create… Continue reading A Fish Spatula

You Suck At Giving Feedback

Do you know what it is like to receive harsh critical feedback? You know, those gut-wrenching/ego-shattering criticisms that humiliate and expose you? If you don’t know what that’s like, you are probably not good at giving feedback. “He said my presentation sucked. It lacked passion. The structure was poor. I lost the crowd. I considered… Continue reading You Suck At Giving Feedback

Thrown Into Leading

Here is the problem with our paths to leadership. We were thrown into it. Yesterday you were the most creative marketing specialist. Today you need to herd marketing specialists; Yesterday you were the star programmer. Today you are a PM. When I became a manager I didn’t exactly know what good looked like. I did… Continue reading Thrown Into Leading

The “F” In Feedback Is …

F = “Follow Up” Check in and see if progress is made.Check and see if the feedback is actually helpful.Tweak, assist, persist,Until we see meaningful changes.  Why?It shows that you care.That you care enough to actually check in.That real changes in his/her actually deserve your attention and time.That you are willing to work through it,… Continue reading The “F” In Feedback Is …